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Our expertise - your solar power plant!

Our expertise - your solar power plant! Would you like to invest in photovoltaics? We have exactly the skills you need. ELSOL is one of the well known European providers of photovoltaics power plants with a proven track record of more than 100MWp. Since 2008, we built over 85 solar plants in EU. We will be pleased to elaborate an individual, customised solution for you.


We are a reliable and trusted partner for your green energy project. We rely on the high quality management of our processes and on our established trusted partnerships to grow and are committed to making solar more competitive and accessible. In that way we contribute to transforming solar into a more affordable, economically sound, safe and sustainable instrument to combating climate change.

Utility Scale Projects

For Utility Scale Projects you can consider us not only as EPC, but also as Installation and Work force Provider for every stage of the project.