Since 2008 we are passionate for clean and shine Planet. Life is Energy, Let's Produce It!

Group of companies:

BESLET - Founded in 1992 the company BESLET is specialized in the construction and assembly of steel and reinforced concrete structures for industrial and energy facilities.

ELSOL Ltd - is a company focused on implementing Renewable Energy Sources projects in Bulgaria.

ELSOL Oil Ltd - Manages a chain of petrol stations and carwashes.

Easy Services Ltd - Providing financial solutions and EU projects consultancy.

Why Elsol?

  • A company focused on implementing Renewable Energy Sources projects in Bulgaria and EU.
  • A family-owned business established in 2008
  • A professional company that provides large number of high-quality solutions for using alternative energy
  • Working with large number of professionals in the field of technical design, engineering and logistics
  • Establishing solid partnership with companies, well known inthe market, as reliable EPC contractor
  • ELSOL has positioned itself as a stabile partner in the industry, providing turnkey solar PV system at the market
  • We employ a young, energetic team of professionals with a strong sense of teamwork, and a clear commitment towards sustainable energy
  • Through this dedication, ELSOL is able to offer solutions that are reliable, cost effective and sustainable for our clients.