SOLAREDGE double optimizer P600-600 W

105.00 лв.

This optimizer is suitable for 60 cell solar panels (poly or mono) with a 6 inch size. Compatible solar panels have a power output of 250 W to 300 W depending on the manufacturer.

The advantage of the optimizer is that you plug in a set of 2 solar panels at once. You can then smart manage 2 panels at the same time. This reduces installation time and costs through an increase in performance.

Installation with SOLAREDGE SE15K three-phase inverters or more.

MPPT range : 96V
Voltage (Voc): 12.5...80V
Current (Ioc): 10.1A
Length x Height x Depth: 128 x 152 x 43mm
Max. efficiency: 99.5%
Power: 300W
Inverter brand: SOLAREDGE
Product warranty: 25
Place of manufacture: Europe