Jinko Solar 320 wp Cheetah All Black (Half-Cells)

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Tip: when buying a full pallet of Jinko Solar 320 wp Cheetah (Half-Cells Black Frame 1500V) solar modules you will get an extra discount.

Jinko Solar 320 wp Cheetah All Black solar panels are, for example due to the use of a black backsheet and frame, fully black. The PERC-solar cells have 5 busbars each and are PID resistant. The way the glass and cells have been designed allow for excellent performance even in low-light conditions. There also have been various certificates awarded for weather resistance.

5 busbars

Busbars allow the panel to transfer power between cells. In principle, the more busbars a cell has, the better. Jinko Solar 320 wp Cheetah All Black cells each have 5 busbars.


A lot of energy can be lost as warmth. This happens because not all the light is absorbed at first, hitting the back of the panel and dissipating. PERC-technology adds reflective, non-conductive lines to the backside of a solar cell. This way, light is reflected back into the cell, allowing for more power to be generated.


Jinko Solar modules are the only solar panels to pass the ‘double-85-test’. These tests expose the panels to a temperature of 85°C and a humidity of 85% for 96 hours long. The result of these tests show a loss of power less than 5%.


The Jinko Solar 320 wp Cheetah All Black solar panels are certified to withstand a windload of 2400  and a snow load of 5400 Pa. TÜV Nord certified the panels regarding high salt mist and ammonia resistance.