Residential PV systems

Electricity is in your hands

Elsol will help you make your home an even better place to live. We add value to our customers’ lives because we know how important is home to everyone. The use of solar energy in households around the world is our future. By installing your own photovoltaic system, you secure your home – saving money on electricity bills, helping nature reduce carbon emissions, and adding value to your home. We make sure that you get fast and quality green and sustainable energy from the Sun, helping to live more peacefully, securely and cleanly. We have deep partnerships with leading companies for solar panels, storage batteries and connecting system components to ensure homeowners have a reliable and trouble-free operation of the photovoltaic installation. We offer diverse and innovative financing options to meet all your needs.

Solar activities and energy storage

Optimize energy storage, be ready for any situation!
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A solar installation is more than an investment to save money. It provides homeowners with a simple high-tech solution for a modern and cozy home, which increases its value, the environment is not polluted and bills are minimized. Elsol is there for you in realizing your photovoltaic system idea. We will take care of every step from design to implementation for you!
We recommend plugging in a battery to store the energy generated by your solar system or as a standalone system during the day. This will help you save money on your electricity bill by discharging during high peak hours, when electricity is most expensive.
Home batteries provide high security and flexibility for your power supply at all times. Provide electricity in case of power outages, accidents and natural disasters. By backing up essential appliances, home batteries can support your basic consumption.

You choose when to use the stored energy.

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You want to build a solar system for your home, we are here and we will help you realize your ideas.

Roofing activities

Stable roofing for safe and trouble-free operation

Елсол ще изготви бърза оценка на покрива и ще Ви даде най-рентабилното решение за Вашите нужди. Ще преценим дали Вашата покривна конструкция е сигурна за монтажа на фотоволтаична инсталация или ще се нуждае от частичен ремонт, или цялостна подмяна. Може да се обърнете към Елсол още когато сте в процес на проектиране на своя дом. Ние сме насреща във всеки етап от изграждането на Вашата соларна система за дома, включително и за покривни дейности. Работим с проверени монтажни екипи, за да осигурим Вашето спокойствие и безпроблемна експлоатация на PV системата.


Domestic car charging systems

Control and security at your fingertips
Home PV charging stations for cars

In technological and modern times, electric vehicles (EVs) have already entered our daily lives in full force and more and more drivers prefer them. Public charging stations are not enough and consumers are looking for convenience, security and control over their car, which can happen very easily through their own home charging stations.
Elsol offers the possibility of connecting a car charging station to your home solar system. Exceptional convenience for anyone owning an electric car – to “charge” themselves from their own electricity produced and stored by their own photovoltaic plant.

Take a step toward the future!

Differences Between Cable Charging in Contact and AC Home Charging Station

If you use a standard cable to charge your electric car, it will take at least 24 hours for a full charge. While with the AC charging station, this is done in a much shorter time completely safe and reliable. You don’t need cables to stretch through your house. An externally mounted EV charging point, a home AC charger, is installed, to which fast charging and smart devices can be added to get more features for more convenience. One such advantage, for example, is remote programming to charge the electric vehicle at certain times.

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See current EU funding programs for the construction of photovoltaic home systems. For further information, please contact our experts.

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