We are there for you in every phase of the project

The construction of photovoltaic capacities is related to a number of documentary and field activities. Together with you, we will analyze the requirements and objectives of the project and develop an optimal solution to achieve them. We can implement your turnkey solar system project or assist you only in certain phases.

1. Project Development
  • Site surveys, evaluation, land acquisition, etc.
  • Establishment of a project company.
  • Project finance structuring, financial due diligence and risk management.
  • Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies.
  • Application for planning and approval.
  • Construction permits, licensing and environmental considerations.
  • Project Design / Layout.
  • Grid Connection applications and approvals.
  • Management of contracts with utility companies and electricity transmission grid operators.
  • Due diligence, PPA (Electricity Purchase Agreements).
  • Monitoring and compliance with local authorities.
  • Energy analysis and evaluation.
2. Design
  • Conceptual and detailed technical design for large-scale and rooftop PV plants.
  • Layout and shading: general layout, tilt angle, PV module configuration, inter-row spacing, orientation.
  • Selection of materials and technology – solar panels, inverters, mounting structure, etc.
  • All activities related to the Electrical design: DC system (PV array design, inverter sizing, cable selection and sizing, module and string cables, main DC cable, combiner boxes, connectors, DC switching, MCBs); AC system (AC cabling, AC switchgear, sizing and selecting transformers, plant substation, earthing and surge protection); Grid connection.
  • Solar Energy Audit – forecasting and calculations of energy yield.
  • Monitoring System.
3. Material procurement and logistics operations

Elsol ltd provide all supplies of materials and logistics operations related to the provision of installation activities (storage, transport, handling of lifting equipment, sorting and packaging, etc.)

4. Construction, Installation, Explotation
Civil activities:
  • Cleaning, providing a safe working environment.
  • Providing access to the ground.
  • Construction of temporary installations.
  • Construction of internal routes.
  • Build fences.
  • Lifting activities.
Actual construction activity:
  • Foundation post ramming.
  • Laying construction.
  • Installation of solar panels.
Electrical part:
  • DC, AC, LV, communications, sensors, fiber optic cables, digging and installation.
  • Installation of MV cables.
  • Installation of DC string cables.
  • Installation of grounding wires.
  • Installation of inverters.
  • Installation of transformer stations.
  • Installation security system.
  • Remote management/monitoring.
5. Maintenance and follow-up operations
  • Control and monitoring 24/7.
  • Scheduled / preventative maintenance: module cleaning, module connection integrity, junction and string combiner box, hot spots, inverter servicing, structural integrity, tracker servicing, balance of plant, vegetation control.
  • Detection and troubleshooting of technical problems.
  • Monitoring, evaluation and optimization of plant efficiency.
  • Annual Analysis.
  • Unsceduled maintenance.
  • Repair and spare parts management.

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