Rooftop PV systems

for a stable and successful business

Today, having a solar system on the roof of a modern company is just as important as having running water and an internet connection. In order for your photovoltaic system to become a successful project, it must be installed on the roof of your company and adapted to your needs. Office buildings, production halls, parking garages or logistics properties – each type of building offers different requirements for a solar system.

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Our solution to achieve your goal

Together with you, we analyze your wishes and goals to develop an optimal option for the realization of the project. We have the perfect solution for every type of commercial and industrial roof – safe to install and operate photovoltaic systems, durable and user-friendly. Elsol ltd is one of Europe’s leading companies specializing in solar rooftop systems, whether in office buildings, production halls, parking lots or logistics properties.
Excellent return on investment

Think economically – act responsibly!

Even in the planning phase it is decided how a building can be economical in the long run. This makes it even more important to rely on promising and economical energy from the very beginning – solar energy.

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Do not hesitate to contact us. We will find a suitable solution for your project. Let us advise you!

The ideal location for PV systems -

roofs of carports

Think ahead where others stop!

Does your business not have a suitable roof for a photovoltaic system? Your carports are a great way to use renewable solar energy. In this way, you can directly generate energy for your electric vehicles, for example. Southern facades offer the necessary surface and can be used for ecological power generation. As an integral part of future-oriented architecture, they contribute to both the autonomy and aesthetics of a building.

Solar systems on carport roofs

Rent out your roof through a long-term agreement

You don’t want to own a photovoltaic solar system, but would you like to provide your roof space? We will rent your roof area if it is larger than 200 m². Contact us for details!

Photovoltaic installation - rental agreement diagram
  • We invest in PV systems installed on the territory of the Consumer. Elsol fully designs, builds and operates them.
  • Elsol bears all costs related to the installation and operation of the PV system. The consumer has no financial commitment.
  • The Consumer is required to provide its own roof area or land where Elsol can build photovoltaic power.
  • The consumer and Elsol sign a long-term lease for a period of 10, 15 or 20 years, in which the rent is calculated on the basis of the electricity consumed at a fixed price in EUR / MWh.
  • Elsol offers the Consumer an acquisition of the ownership of the PV system.

Are you looking for funding for your project?

See current EU funding programs for building photovoltaic systems for businesses. For further information, please contact our experts.

Completed projects of rooftop solar systems